Call for anti-racist demo in occasion of the

IMK 2022 in Munich

30.11.2022 // 06.00 pm – Geschwister-Scholl-Platz München

From November 30 to December 2, the political leaders of the police and security authorities will meet at the Conference of Interior Ministers in Munich.

At this conference, internal security will be discussed. We ask ourselves: Whose security? Which security? Who is being protected? We demand real security for all!

Which security? Whose security? We have a security problem!

On August 8, 2022, the police shot 16-year-old Mouhamed Lamine Dramé, who had fled from Senegal to Germany. The caretakers of his youth welfare facility had called the police to prevent him from self-harming, as he was in a psychological crisis. When the police arrived, Mouhamed was sitting in a courtyard. There was no danger from him, yet the police officers attacked him and shot him with Tasers and a machine gun. Mouhamed died shortly afterwards in the hospital. This is not an isolated case. In the months of July to October alone, 7 killings occurred during various police operations. Those affected are people from marginalized groups: Migrants, Black people, BiPoc, homeless people, people with mental illness. Continuously, right-wing networks and chat groups from police circles become public. Weapons and ammunition from police and army end up in Nazi groups. The police claim to protect us, but who protects us from the police? Who helps when the police are the perpetrators?

Racism, racial profiling and other discriminatory practices as well as the massive use of violence against marginalized groups are enabled, if not encouraged, by the organizational structures of the police. We have a police problem!

CAMPS: Safe? Safe not in the camp!

People seeking protection in Germany often have to stay in large camps for a long time. The so- called ANKER centers and other collective accommodations are not safe places. They do not offer protection but serve primarily to control and deter. They are places of deprivation of rights and repression. There is no privacy, but accommodation in non-lockable shared rooms. There is no possibility to lead a self-determined life, instead there is a disempowering principle of non-cash benefits and residence requirement. There are hardly any possibilities to participate in society, instead isolation and criminalization through constant controls by the police and especially by the security.

It is clear to us: camps are not safe places for anyone.

BLEIBERECHT: Security instead of fear of deportation

Around 242,000 refugees live in Germany with the uncertain status of Duldung, the majority for many years. Most of them have fled from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Nigeria, Afghanistan or Iran. Tens of thousands of children, young people and adults with Duldung cannot feel safe for a single day. They live in permanent fear of deportation, without perspective for a secure future and have to fight with restrictions of social rights.

Again and again, police officers snatch refugees from their beds at night in order to deport them. The Duldung must be abolished, because it means a life in permanent fear and insecurity. Children and young people who have been here for years have to „return“ to countries they hardly know. This is cruel and traumatizing.

We demand:

  • Defund the police!
  • Independent investigative bodies in the event of police
  • Independent and low-threshold complaints mechanisms for people affected by racist
  • Nationwide mandatory identification for police
  • No obligation to live in camps – safe housing instead of unsafe
  • More social work and language mediation instead of precariously employed security
  • Safe and legal escape routes to
  • Security for all to be able to stay
  • Don’t forget Afghanistan – protect Afghans and evacuate people at